The State of the [email] Nation

Carried out a quick experiment in the lab this morning. Been tinkering with a very simple and clean web framework called lemonade. It then occurred to me that this sort of thing could be a great yardstick to show how differently mailclients will render an up to date, responsive, web code HTML grid.

Click the link below to cheer at Apple mail, gasp at Outlook 2011 (on mac) laugh at BlackBerry and cry at Gmail (popcorn optional).

Here are the litmus results and screenshots

Screenshot 2014-05-29 14.49.10

This is a great (albeit biased) illustration of how varied the support is for email, why it’s niche and the reason we have experts.

Sidenote 1:
This is how it should look (open in your best browser).
Sidenote 2:
I know this is web code and not email code, that’s the point.
Sidenote 3:
Look how well Apple handles the code overall. Just sayin’.
Sidenote 4:
This is way too many sidenotes. Noted.

  • Jaina

    Remember the days when Outlook was the one causing most of the email headaches? Gmail, you’ve changed man!

    Always good to see how “regular” web code works in emails, how else would we know what we can push to do more of and experiment with?

  • Mike Ragan

    I know right?! Outlook is buggy and silly, but at least it *feels* like it tries sometimes and offers ways out. Gmail is a bit of a control freak!

    Yeah it’s a nice little test to try now and again, to remind us all (specifically people who aren’t email specialists) how different email is to web. Guess there’s been a million of these comparisons made, but I like the responsive framework shape and how it drops out in different mailclients and manages to even work in some of them!

  • Jaina

    Be great to have a responsive framework for emails. Though I know there are quite a few boilerplates out there at the moment, some of which cover some of this, but unsure as to how cross-platform friendly they all are.

    I can understand why Gmail does what it does, but that doesn’t mean I agree with it, ha! It wants to give the best experience it knows to its customers.

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